Monday, November 26, 2012

cyber monday

happy (Cyber) Monday!  so obviously i didn't make it back here Saturday to preview new Etsy listings and i apologize for that.  but sometimes, family's got to come first, right?  we had a really nice 5 days while Hoss was on vacation and i was definitely in family mode.  i always look forward to Hoss's time off of work but i inevitably get a lot less studio work done when he's around :)  i had a great birthday yesterday, and that, too, was a day dedicated to family.  so i'm sorry for not posting over the weekend, but i have a feeling that i wasn't the only one spending that time with loved ones...

now, onto some new products!  i recently found some new sizes of small clothespins and couldn't wait to transform them with washi tape.  these are the same length (1 3/4") as the ones i normally use but are about twice the size in width at 1/2".  they're chunky and i love them!

for this set i used tapes in orange, pink, and yellow--very feminine and even springy, don't you think?  the tapes are from My Mind's Eye, Target, Bella Boulevard, and Prima.

up next is another chunky set.  i think my favorite thing about putting these assortments together is coming up with the combinations of tape designs i'm going to use.  i love the pink, aqua, and gray combo here--i think it's really sweet.

i used My Mind's Eye, Freckled Fawn, and Target for this set.  

and the packaging...who doesn't love that aqua tape with the hearts and clouds?

i put up a new assortment of baker's twine, also.  this set has all 8 colors i offer in convenient 10 yard increments.  it's a great way to sample each color and is perfect if you don't need a lot of twine.

the week ahead looks pretty busy for me with schoolwork.  the semester is winding down and so long-term projects are coming due, short-term projects still need to be addressed, and then there's getting ready for finals.  i have a big presentation on Tuesday so for the next two days, i'll be focused on that.  i will get critiqued on my design Tuesday night and then have until Thursday to tweak it before it's due to be turned in.  fun stuff, right?!  i don't want to completely ignore the blog this week, though; i do hope to get back here at some point before the weekend.

don't forget:  today is Cyber Monday and the last day to take advantage of the 15% savings in my Etsy shop.  just enter the code NOVEMBER15 at checkout.  have a great week everyone!

Friday, November 23, 2012

etsy shop sale and new additions

well, has everyone recovered from yesterday's festivities?  we had a low-key day leading up to a delicious Thanksgiving meal.  i got a little work done, spent time with Hoss and Mr. Bagubian, and then got was perfect!

as promised, i am checking in with some new additions to the Etsy shop.  today kicks off the first day to save 15% off of your entire purchase to celebrate Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, My Birthday Sunday, and Cyber Monday.  just use the coupon code NOVEMBER15 during checkout.  so if you are at home today instead of out and about getting the deals in person, you can still get a deal at Thurston Post on Etsy.  and if you are out and about on a mission to score a great deal in person, don't worry--the code is available through Monday!

first up, a new mini kit with the color RED in mind.  the Red Trimmings Mini Gift Wrap Kit has all kinds of little bits and bobs to help you make your packages look spectacular this Christmas.  from small white sequin tags to washi covered clothespins, it's all about cute little details!

each of these kits comes with 10 white sequin tags--5 small and 5 medium.  i stamped "Joy" on the small ones and "For/From" on the large ones.  use them together on one package or separately on two; either way, they're sure to brighten it up!

i made 3 tiny confetti bags out of glassine envelopes, sequins, and glitter for this kit.  they would be so cute clipped to a tag or the top of a small box wrapped with plain kraft paper, don't you think?  

each kit also comes with 20 yards of red baker's twine, 3 yards of red seam binding, and 2 yards of taffeta ribbon with white trim.  the ribbons come wound on a vintage clothespin and secured with crystal straight pins.

i had to include some washi covered clothespins, of course!  there are 6 altogether--3 with red polka dots and 3 with a grid pattern.  small boxes also look adorable wrapped in handmade garland--like the red ones i made for this kit.  the set includes two at one yard each.  

and naturally i had to package the whole thing up in a fun and festive way.  everything comes tucked into a large glassine envelope tied with more red bakers twine and decorated with doilies and silver washi tape.

next up, i've got two brand new sets of washi clothespins.  honestly, i can't stop making these things and they've been so well-received that i don't want to!  

the first set is one i've wanted to do for awhile.  silver and gold are so pretty at Christmastime that they just begged to be made. this set comes with 10 clips, including 4 with glitter tape.  glitter, we all know, is another Christmas staple.

the lovely packaging...

and now a whole set of glittered clothespins!  featuring tapes in silver, green, red, and gold, this is a gorgeous set of 8 that will add tons of dazzle to your holiday packages or your home decor.  my photos (as usual) aren't doing them justice--they are very bright and shiny in real life!

ok, folks, all of these items are now for sale in my Etsy shop so be sure to check them out.  they are included in the 15% off sale--everything is!  so if there is anything you've been eyeing, now is a great time to get it!

i'm not done adding things to the shop, either.  i hope to be back here again tomorrow with more new additions.  until then, happy shopping!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

it's almost Thanksgiving!

hi there, everyone!  it's almost Thanksgiving!  are you all getting ready for the big feast?  i just love this time of year so much.  i feel so festive and it's incredibly heartwarming how people come together at this time of year.  whether it's spending time with family and friends or taking a moment to help someone less fortunate than's a time to be grateful and to give back.  i have no classes all week and Hoss has the next 5 days off so i'm really looking forward to some quality family time.  plus, i love the whole Thanksgiving meal--turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing...all that yummy stuff, made even better by the fact that i don't have to prepare it!  (fyi:  i can't cook!)  

we had a great time on our overnight "babymoon!"  i wasn't feeling wonderful but was determined to enjoy myself.  our 6-year anniversary was last week and so our little getaway was, in part, a celebration of that and i didn't want a silly cold to get in the way of the last chance Hoss and i have to go away alone for the foreseeable future!   

i made Hoss an anniversary card using bits from a few different places.  the map cards are Echo Park Everyday Eclectic and the green letters are from Crate Paper's On Trend line.  i wanted to make the card masculine and greens and grays are always great for that.  

the recent trend of arrows is good, as well, since they are very gender neutral.  i stitched my own arrow in black thread under "you are here" and added a small "Love" word sticker from Cosmo Cricket.  the wood triangles and the arrow washi tape are pieces from the November Studio Calico kits.

for Hoss's cards, especially the anniversary ones, i try to show affection without being overly sappy because we just aren't those people!  so i try not to overdo it on the dripping-with-love sentiments and find other ways to show how happy i am with him and how much i appreciate him.  this card is basically saying that i want to be wherever he is.  (i think he liked it!)

next up is fun little one featuring My Mind's Eye and a K&Company letterpress tag.  i found the tags recently at Joann's and i was so pleased to see how well the pieces match other products i have--like The Sweetest Thing line from MME.

melon pink and bright yellow are such a beautiful color combination...i get a really happy feeling when i see them together.  i used a bit of gray to anchor them, and to add a neutral color.  the papers are from The Sweetest Thing "Honey" 6x6 paper pad. 

isn't the "Hello Darling" tag so cute?!  i put two stacked doilies behind it and two washi tape flags on top of it.  using 2 doilies instead of just one made them a bolder, brighter white and as a result, the centerpiece really pops. 

all of the washi tapes are from My Mind's Eye.  there are 2 different gray patterns--the lighter one on the flag and the darker one as a strip on the side of the card.

the ribbon is melon seam binding and i love its addition to the card--it's so bold and feminine!

that's it for me today.  i just want to add that starting Friday, i will be hosting a big sale event in my Etsy shop.  Friday will kick off 4 days of savings to coincide with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, My Birthday Sunday(!), and Cyber Monday.  you can save 15% on your entire purchase by using the code NOVEMBER15 at checkout.  everything in the shop is included in the sale and there is no minimum purchase required.  you can use the code as many times as you'd like and please feel free to share the news with friends.  i'll be putting new items up in the shop in the next few days and will have a blog post on Friday showcasing some of them.  

if i don't make it back here before Thanksgiving, i wish everyone the happiest of holidays and hope you are all celebrating with loved ones.  take care!  

Friday, November 16, 2012

today i'm thankful for...

hey, there!  how is everyone doing today?  i'm sick!  i have a strange cold that's doing just enough to make me feel sleepy and unmotivated.  it's strange because it has come on so slow.  it started out as a sore throat last Sunday, went away on Monday, and then came back with very minor symptoms on Tuesday.  it's gotten progressively worse but not terrible until this morning.  now i have a cough to go with it and limited remedies because of the pregnancy.  i'm trying hard to ignore it, though; i've got lots to do!  i don't have any big projects due until after Thanksgiving so i was really looking forward to this week to get some personal projects done.  i suppose, if i look at it positively, it's better to get sick when you don't have deadlines hanging overhead, right?

i do have a little project to share today.  for the November Creative Weekly on the Crate Paper blog, our assignment was to create a project around a subject for which we are thankful.  for me, like a lot of people, i think, the first thing i thought of was my family.  i'm so lucky to have an amazing family, both on my side and on my husband's.  then there's my nuclear family--Hoss and Mr. Bagubian--both of whom i love and cherish with all of my heart.  but in the end, i decided to go with being thankful for a healthy pregnancy (minor cold notwithstanding!).

i have been feeling lately that Little #2 is getting short-changed and my "mother's" guilt is getting the better of me.  sometimes i forget altogether that i'm even having another baby!  that probably sounds impossible, but i think it might be normal when you have a child already.  Mr. B pretty much absorbs all of our energy and attention and so that doesn't leave much time to obsess over being pregnant.  and since there are no problems with this pregnancy--aside from some pretty gnarly heartburn on a daily basis--i don't have to think about it as a health concern. and i am truly grateful for that.

i printed out a photo of our sonogram and used it in a mini 6x6 layout.  i've said before that we aren't going to find out the sex of this baby so i chose a gender neutral color palette in yellow, green, and touches of red.  everything i used comes from On Trend except the wood deer which is from Acorn Avenue.

i typed out "our sweet little #2" onto a label sticker with my vintage typewriter and anchored it with a red and gold button.  then i layered tags and some bits like messy thread, the white button, and the Adorable sticker over a white doily.

i used a few different stickers actually, including the red Sweet sticker and the green and yellow borders.  i also punched several hearts from La Mode paper and stitched them all to the Latest paper.     

and there's my layout for my dear #2.  that's one thing this baby has that Gooby does not--an ultrasound layout.  yay for you, baby!

not knowing the sex is adding to my guilt a little bit.  it's our choice but it means that we have to resort sometimes to referring to the baby as "it" which sounds awful!  and since we don't know whether it's (see?!) a boy or a girl, we haven't bought a lick of clothing--or anything, for that matter!  there's no point in that since we don't want to go buying girl clothes if it turns out we have a boy.  and if we do have a boy, we have more than enough of Mr. Bagubian's baby clothes.  i suppose, though, that the love you have for anyone should not be measured in the amount of stuff you buy for him/her, right?  what really counts is that i take care of myself while carrying the baby and how excited we are at the moment s/he is born.

Hoss and i are hoping to get away today on our last overnight alone for quite some time.  as we approach the holidays and the New Year, there are so many things going on and it gets more difficult to plan a night away.  after the New Year, Dr's orders are to stay put just in case Little #2 wants to come early.  it just figures i have this cold--but i'm determined to power through and have a great time, especially since we're going shopping!  i hope you have a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

just one little card tonight

hi, guys!  i'm sorry for not having much for you lately...the time change kinda messed up my photography routine.  the best light is now an hour earlier but my "super-elaborate" setup requires Mr. Bagubian to be elsewhere while i try to shoot (he was down for his nap before the time change).  the best light now is right at lunchtime so i've been trying other avenues and they just aren't working.  so, again, even though i've been busy working on things, the photographs aren't turning out that great.

i have one card to show you tonight, using Basic Grey's Lucille collection.  i love this line--it's so feminine and fall-ish!  i'm also a sucker for anything with a sewing notions theme and this has a whole lot of it!

i added some vintage sewing pattern tissue paper pleated behind the "laugh, giggle, be silly" piece and stitched everything into place.  i also used a blue tag from the French General collection at Michael's and added a vintage cream button to it.  

lastly, i used a Lucille sticker and stitched a couple of lines onto it.  a stamped jeweler's tag and a bit of glitter glue to the roses of the patterned paper and this card was in the books!  

gosh, i feel bad for being so blog-boring lately.  please know that i am definitely working hard "behind the scenes" in preparation for the holidays.  i have so many ideas that i'd like to execute and it all takes time and planning, but if everything goes well, December should be brimming with posts!  please hang in there with me while i try to figure out this new photography situation, too (it's really frustrating!).  until then, i do have at least one more post lined up for this week...

Saturday, November 10, 2012

relax, it's just water

hello, hello!  it's been a busy, busy week but my camera has been virtually idle so even though i've been working away in the studio, i don't have anything to show for it yet.  that's why today i thought i would do something completely different and show you a design i created for my Graphic Design class.  we were given the task of designing a logo for a bottled water company.  each student came up with their own product name and concept and then designed the logo. (this is a fictitious company.)

my company name is Just Water.  although the word "water" doesn't actually appear in the logo, it's implied by the water droplet.  the idea behind my water is simple:  it's just water.  it isn't flavored, it doesn't contain electrolytes, it doesn't come from an Antarctic glacier, it's not smart.  it's just good, crisp water.  i kept the bottle design minimal and the wording concise, as well.  i chose subdued colors and clean sans serif fonts for the entire design.  the tagline sums it up pretty well:  it's not complicated, it's just water.

we've had a few other logos to design and one day when i don't have much else for you, i'll share another one or two.  looking ahead to next week, though, i hope to get some photos taken so i can share what i've been working on lately.  i have a few cards and a couple of holiday mini gift wrap kits that i'm excited about.  talk with you soon!   

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

cards from my sketch journal

hi, guys!  how's your week going?  mine has been a little up and down but things seem to be working themselves out for the most part.  i don't have loads of time today but i did want to pop in with a quick share.

on Monday i showed you my hand-crafted sketch journal.  today, i have two cards for you that i made based on two of the sketches i put in there.  

i took a few liberties with the first card which is based on the bottom sketch (since it's my own i can do whatever i want with it, right?!) but the idea is roughly the same.

i haven't really had a chance to play around much with Crate Paper's Sleigh Ride line yet so, going along with my gold kick, i thought this would be a great opportunity to do so.  

i used Winter Wonderland as my background paper and chose a couple of different tags to go with it.  you can't really see them, but i wanted a layered effect and went for neutral ones.  to make them pop a bit, i outlined each one with my gold leaf pen.

my focal point is a Little Bo Peep wood frame that i also painted with my gold leaf pen (can't get enough of that thing!). at a recent trip to Wal-Mart, i found those gold glittered snowflakes for a song.  you get 24 snowflakes in red and gold for $1.47!  that's a pretty good deal, if you ask me.  i stacked 2 of them here in 2 different sizes and layered the pink "season's greetings" sticker over it.  

you'll also notice a strip of cream lace sandwiched between the two SR tags.  i stitched around the entire edge of the teal paper, including sewing down the lace.  i love the combination of teal, gold, and bright pink.  it is so pretty, especially for the holidays, don't you think?

last but certainly not least are strips of gold glitter tape.  i am LOVING this stuff!  it's from American Crafts and just using a little piece of it adds so much pop and life to your project.  i recently made some of my mini clothespins using this and i'm so pleased with the outcome.  and it was the perfect accessory here for a sparkly finish.

my second card also features an array of Crate Paper products, utilizing mostly On Trend but the background paper is from Acorn Avenue.  

i was drawn to the simple black, white, and green color scheme because it's not something i have used much.  On Trend has so many things in it that are black and white and i love that bit of kelly green in the border sticker and in the button.  paired with the subtle dots of the base paper, the green here really pops.  

and how about those paper flowers?  they are so big and i love this one with the text print!  it adds a lot of dimension--this is definitely the kind of card you hand deliver!  i'd hate for the flower to get crushed in the mail.  

the thick black twine is from the Random collection and both of the "hello" embellishments are Tape Stickers.  i stuck to my sketch pretty well for this card and added some stitching for a personal touch.

since this card is probably best given in person, i paired it up with a Whisker Graphics black Chevron bag in place of an envelope.  they look great together and the bag makes for an extra special outer covering to keep the card protected.  

i hope you're having a great week!  we've gotten through almost half of it--and survived Election Day.  i, for one, am happy not to see anymore negative ad campaign commercials for awhile!  have a great one, folks!  as always, thanks for stopping by.