Wednesday, July 31, 2013

snippets #1: heart & home tags

welcome to the first installment of a new series i'm calling snippets.  i don't always have time to write long, project-heavy blog posts, but the alternative to that has been going several days weeks without posting at all.  since i hate to go so long in between posts, i thought i'd try something different.

july found me knee-deep in projects and struggling a little bit to balance all of the plates i was spinning.  somehow, though, my ideas never stopped coming and instead, it was like my mind was in overdrive with all of the new things i suddenly had the notion to create.  when the idea for a new project or favorite color combination struck, sometimes i would write it down, and other times i put a few pieces together and took a photo for later, when life isn't so busy.

snippets is a feature dedicated to those things--new concepts, inspiring design ideas, colors, patterns, and favorite things.  snippets are meant to be short posts that don't take me long to produce.  you'll get to see more of what inspires, excites, and drives me, and i'll get to post more often.   

today's snippet is about simple little homespun tags.  i love cards and tags that have many layers and elements and look like they must have taken the designer hours to create.  but i also love simple projects that can be whipped up in a couple of minutes but still make a big statement.  that's what's going on here.

a couple of weekends ago, we visited some friends who recently bought their first home.  i just happened to be working on my Close Knit cards right before that so when it came time to make a gift tag for them, i remembered these sweet little houses.  they are wood embellishments from Close Knit, and when adhered to a simple white strung tag, they're so cute, you don't need to add anything else.  

the white yarn tag is just a simple thing, also.  it took about one minute to create, but i think it will be something i end up replicating often during the holidays this year.

 so there you go...short and sweet.  i can't wait for the next one!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bundled Up and Flea Market cards

i'm back tonight with more Crate Paper new release cards, this time from Bundled Up and Maggie Holmes' Flea Market.  i know it's only July, but it was actually pretty fun to be making Christmas cards this time of year.  i think i said last holiday season that i was going to start right about now and working with Bundled Up has definitely put me in a festive mood!  

the first time i looked at the chipboard elements from this collection, i knew i'd be making some sort of garland.  it's kind of hard not to see one when you look at it!  i added some patterned paper and a doily underneath for some texture and depth.  the wood buttons are the epoxy brads; after removing the epoxy stickers (to be used elsewhere) and the prong hardware, i threaded the buttons with silver baker's twine from DIY Shop

i don't make too many scrapbook layouts or mini albums using a lot of photos, but i really do love the photo overlays.  they definitely aren't just for pictures, as you can see here.

here's one of the epoxy stickers (that cute little girl)...

the colors in Bundled Up are really lovely...i'm so excited to see all of the minty green here!  (and 3 more epoxy stickers!)

i used another overlay here.  the only problem is that in these photos, it comes off looking a little...dirty.  it's not, really, it's just a dark coloring meant to give a photograph a vintage look.  but i used it against a plain white background so it looks like my card is dusty!  (it looks much better in person.)  oh, well, i still like this card.  it's very simple but soft, and that snowman is sure having a grand old time!   

the last card is from Flea Market.  this collection is absolutely exquisite and the colors, patterns, and embellishments are sure to be instant favorites.

i love the navy blue with the pink!

don't you just adore that snippet of white-washed wood?

i have a couple of fun posts coming up later in the week that i'm pretty excited about.  they'll be quick snippets that showcase ideas that inspire me.  please come back and let me share them with you!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Close Knit cards

evening, all!  it's a little late, but as promised, i have the first batch of cards from the new Crate Paper releases for you tonight.  the first collection i'll share is Close Knit.  you can click here to see the collection in its entirety. 

my first card is a pretty good representation of the colors in the collection.  don't you love them?!  yellow, gray, peachy pink, dark brown...they're so rich and are making me excited about fall!  (i'm sorry!  i know it's only the middle of summer, but...)  

i think this wood grain chevron paper is going to be hugely popular!  i was drawn to it with one look and this was the first card i made.  i'm also loving the chipboard shapes, like those flowers, that are in this line.  

after all of the color, layers, and embellishments on the last card, i wanted to change up the next one with a lot of white space.  except for the wood tones, this camera-centric card is all red, white, and blue.  it's a completely different look. 

i've been using this envelope template a lot lately and thought the camera paper would make an awesome envelope.  

more of the rich yellow here...i decided a few weeks ago that yellow is officially my favorite color!  the yellow in Close Knit is such a gorgeous shade of it--and doesn't it look beautiful with the dark wood grain?  i'll be honest; at first i wasn't too keen on the darker wood, but somehow, that shade found itself on each and every one of these projects, and now of course, i'm totally smitten!

this is a wonderfully put together collection of goods with a homespun, familial feel to them.  if you like notions (thread spools, buttons, etc), fabric, and stitching--especially embroidery--you'll adore Close Knit!  and if it's family, hearts, and home that you're into, this is the collection for you!     

this was the last card i came up with and ended up being my favorite.  i tried several different directions here and just when i was about to throw in the towel, these pieces came together and i was so pleased with the results.

see?  there's that dark wood grain again in the flower.  i totally love it!

that's it for Close Knit...i hope these cards have gotten you excited for this upcoming release!  i'm definitely looking forward to spending this autumn with it!
tomorrow i'll have my projects from Bundled Up and Flea Market for you.  have a good night!

Friday, July 26, 2013

a fond farewell?

hey there!  i'm popping in today with a few cards for you.  i don't know if you saw or not, but Crate Paper revealed 3 new collections last week on their blog and they are amazing!!  Close Knit, Bundled Up, and Flea Market by Maggie Holmes are full of gorgeous colors, vintage images, and trendy embellishments that i, for one, can't wait to put to good use!  if you haven't had a look for yourself yet, be sure to RUSH over to the blog and check them all out.

i was lucky enough to have had bits and pieces of each one in my hot little hands for the last couple of weeks and i spent the bulk of that time creating cards like a madwoman!  i have a few sneak peeks today and will show you my entire ensemble over the weekend.

with the new collections set to take front and center in my craft studio, it means it's time to shuffle Party Day, The Pier, Maggie Holmes (original), and DIY Shop to the back of the stash.  (although, i have already decided DIY Shop will stay put, up front!)  so today, i have 3 cards featuring those lines as a bit of a fond farewell.

as i said, i plan to keep on using the heck out of DIY Shop.  so really, there's no need to say goodbye to it, but here's a lovely card showcasing it, simply because it's one you haven't seen yet. :)  

this card might be cheating a bit since it's not all CP.  i made this for Hoss for Father's Day.  he's really the camera buff in this house and if not for him, i wouldn't have a fantastic DSLR to work with.  he liked the card a lot--i was worried he'd baulk at the pink resin camera, but i reminded him that he has a new baby girl so pink is a reality in our lives now, and he has accepted it.

the large blue camera is from The Pier and the two cameras on top are actually from Acorn Avenue (remember that line from last year?).  The other cameras are from different Studio Calico kits.  i guess this doesn't really count as a fond farewell card,, i still kinda like The Pier and have a few more ideas for it.

lastly, a card using Party Day.  i loved that balloon photo from the ephemera pack, as well as the bright yellow background paper.    together, they make a cute little birthday card.  i've been making a lot of 4x4 cards lately--it's such a great size!

speaking of Party Day...i remember thinking when this collection came out how great it was that it had so many possibilities for little boys' birthdays.  Mr. Bagubian will be turning 3 in October (yikes!) so i'm sure i'll be revisiting Party Day before then.  hmmm...this post is not turning out to be a farewell at all!

i don't have a card from the original Maggie Holmes collection today, but considering that my last post was a whole lotta MH, i don't feel too badly about that!  however, i will leave you with this sneak peek at my card from the new line...(loving the navy blue and pink!)

come back this weekend for the entire card, as well as my pieces from Close Knit and Bundled Up.  thanks for stopping in...have a lovely Friday!

Friday, July 12, 2013

CardMaker/Crate Paper blog hop

hello there!  i'm participating in a fun blog hop today from the folks at CardMaker Magazine, in conjunction with Crate Paper.  a few gals from each company have got some beautiful cards to share with you, all using the CP Maggie Holmes collection.  i think you're going to like what you see...AND, if all of these beautiful creations leave you wanting more Maggie Holmes, check out Crate's blog for a fantastic giveaway!  it's worth $40 and is all MH so you won't want to miss that!  

if you've arrived here from Melanie's blog, welcome!  and if you're a lovely returning guest who wants to see what this hop is all about, i'll have the complete list of participating blogs at the end of today's post.

the Maggie Holmes collection is full of gorgeous products and colors and i kinda wanted to use as many of each as i could for this set.  the patterned papers i used here are all of my favorites from the line--"Instafriends," "Elizabeth Kate," and "Remember This."

the occasion for this card is exactly what it says...because.  in other words, there is no occasion.  it's just meant to be given're missing a good friend, you have the world's best Mom, or maybe you know someone who needs a pick-me-up.

i am in love with those birds and these bows!

i made a matching gift and tag to be given with the card.  because of this project, i became a huge fan of the "Remember This" paper.  i love the hand-writing and it works great as the backdrop for a layout, card or tag, but the hand-writing element also works well when you mix up the words to create your own message. the handwritten sentiments offer a personal touch, don't you think?  (even if it isn't my hand-writing!)

okay, how amazing are the gold glitter Thickers?  i LOVE them!  i'll admit i had kinda been hoarding them before this, but now i just want to put them on everything i make!

the MH resin flower clips are instantly give-able.  i actually wear a couple in my hair on a regular basis so i figured someone else might enjoy them as barrettes, too. 

i trimmed the lower portion of the actual cardboard packaging that the clips came with.  it's pretty, sturdy, and already has 3 slots to slip the clips into.  then i hand-stitched it to a gold doily and a piece of "Elizabeth Kate" paper.  a couple of torn strips from "Remember Me" and now i've got a quick and easy gift all ready to go!  

thanks so much for stopping by today!  if you're following along on the CardMaker/Crate tour, your next stop is Latisha Yoast's blog. and don't forget to visit Crate's blog for the awesome giveaway featuring a $40 Maggie Holmes prize pack!

and (in case you missed any) here's a list of all the talented ladies in the hop today:

Melanie Muenchinger
Rebecca Luminarias {that's me!} 
Latisha Yoast
Piradee Talvanna
Ivanka Lentle
Janna Werner
Christine Okken
Anabelle O'Malley
Becky Cowley
Katie Ehmann
AJ Otto
Crate Paper

have a terrific weekend!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

good day, sunshine!

good evening, blog friends!  the last couple of weeks have had me going nonstop!  and on top of that, Nemy has decided that she doesn't want to sleep much anymore.  she's always been a great sleeper, too, so this transition has been rough.  she turned 4 months old last Friday...she's growing up so fast!

we painted the kids' room over the weekend and love how it turned out!  Hoss was off for 5 days and somehow, it took that long to paint one room--and we didn't even have time to do the trim or put up the new blinds!  but, that was also the start of the baby not wanting to sleep or be put down so that had a lot to do with it.

the room needed to be neutral since we'll have a boy and a girl sharing it once Nemy's a little older.  we chose a citrusy orange and a grayish-taupe for the walls; i think Nemy approves!

Anemone Sunshine...Nemy Lemons...Lemony-Nemone...all of her nicknames are perfect for this color!

i honestly don't know why i keep making hello cards.  {i'm not nearly this friendly and extroverted!}  i think i just have a lot of fun embellishments that say hello and they always seem to fit whatever color scheme i'm working with.

there are a few Crate products here, used randomly; plus a hodgepodge from other companies like Echo Park, American Crafts, and one of the Studio Calico monthly kits--February maybe.

the orangy-yellow pieces i used here match the kids' bedroom walls pretty well...i might need to make something fun for the room, but i'm still trying to pick a theme for them.

and now here's a card that could have been made specially for Anemone Sunshine.  it wasn't actually, but the "good day sunshine" sentiment certainly fits.

 i used mostly The Pier collection from CP, which has lots of light peachy/sand shades in it.  i've definitely had a thing for those peachy oranges and creams lately.  someday--at this rate it will be weeks or months from now {or maybe never:)}--i want to make a mini album using those colors, featuring the baby. 

i loved the "Sunscreen" paper from The Pier the first time i saw it and i've had a piece laying out for a couple months, waiting to be used.  the "good day sunshine" accent card had to be used and when i put a couple of DIY Shop paper scraps together with the "Sunscreen" paper and the accent card, i loved what i saw.

i also love all of the pinwheels from The Pier.  the one i used here has that great bit of gold glitter and the star, both of which tied in with the coral resin star and the gold sequin accents.

okay, kids.  time for this Mama to get some rest!  please be sure to check in bright and early Friday morning...i've got a big, fun surprise for you!  g'night!