Thursday, August 29, 2013

thanks a bunch

how's your week going so far?  i'm so glad it's almost Friday...Hoss has a 4 day weekend coming up and i can't wait!  hopefully we'll get some things done around the house, have a little bbq, and a couple of fun outings.  i'm so ready!

i have a quick post today; i made this card awhile ago but realized the other day i hadn't shared it.  i used all scraps here, from Crate Paper's Valentine's Day collections.  i really like the pops of red and yellow against the more neutral patterns and the bright white card base.

the "SWEET" sticker is from CP's Fourteen line.  i sometimes have a difficult time knowing what to do with the tab stickers.  Though, as i was typing this, i just figured something out.  hmmm...i'm working on a mini album and my little epiphany will surely come in handy for that!

a shout out to Hoss's Filipino heritage :)

have you guys got plans for the weekend?  i can't believe it's the end of summer already.  i don't have school-age children and we don't exactly have a traditional autumn in Southern California so i don't in any way feel like it's the end of summer.  not to mention, we're currently experiencing the hottest weather we've had all summer so yeah, my summer is far from over!  but for all of you getting ready to send the kiddos back to school, good luck!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

from there to here...a layout

our sweet little Nemy-news (yet another nickname we've christened her with)...i don't do too many layouts but for the most recent Crate Paper Creative Weekly theme, i made one all about our Nems.  it's kind of amazing, the journey we all take from conception to birth; it's truly a miracle.

the theme this month was navy blue and sequins.  i've been seeing quite a bit of navy in recent scrapbook collections, and Crate's new lines are no exception.  i know i'm not the only one who's been using a lot of sequins these days, either...they're definitely making a huge comeback.

  i used mostly Maggie Holmes's original line for this one, though the pink heart paper is from her new one.  i wanted to use the canvas photo frames from the original.  i've never really used them, but they worked so well on this project.  the small sentiment flags, like "adorbs" and "oh, happy day" are from MH's Flea Market

when planning this page out, i knew i wanted to have a few lines of sequins at the top and bottom.  i didn't do 3 full lines because i didn't want to overwhelm the page with bling!  i did glue them down before stitching because it made it easier to hand-stitch since they were already in place.

i remember being pregnant with Nemy and how different it was from being pregnant with Mr. Bagubian.  the difference being, i hardly ever thought about being pregnant.  with Mr. B, it was ALL i thought of and could tell you how far along i was down to the day.  about 6 months into my pregnancy with Nems, someone asked me how many months i was and i didn't know!  i had to think about it and do the math.  it seemed to go by so fast, too, compared to the first one.  on top of that, we didn't want to find out the sex of the baby.  i had something like 8 ultrasounds (compared to 2 with Gooby) during that time which made it kind of difficult to be surprised as we sweated each one out hoping the technician wouldn't let it accidentally slip out.  one of them did, early on, but she told us that she had 3 daughters so every baby is a "she" to her.  we chose to believe her story and remain surprised until the end.

another thing about layouts, i always choose the wrong color pen when i do any hand-writing.  i should just stick with black from now on.  oh, well, live & learn.

i have a question for you scrappers out there:  WHAT DO YOU DO WITH YOUR LAYOUTS???  i seriously don't know what to do with mine.  i don't really have a good place to put them.  i'm not an unsentimental person by any means, but i don't think i want to have a dozen albums full of layouts.  i hope that doesn't sound offensive--i really just don't have room for them in my house.  is that what you do with yours--put them in albums?  if you know of anything better to do with them, please tell me; i'd love to hear.

enjoy the rest of your weekend!   

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

pink & gold goodness winner!

hello, hello!  i'm here tonight for the sole purpose of announcing the winner of the pink & gold kit giveaway.  a huge thank you to all who entered--i wish i could give you all some goodness!

Congrats, Angi Barrs!  "Love all of the pretty embellies in the kit. I'm getting hooked on making layouts. I'd use the kit to finish my daughter's scrapbook."

Angi, please email me your mailing address and i'll send out your kit right away!

sneak peek: anyone thinking about Halloween yet??

Saturday, August 17, 2013

have a nice day

happy Saturday, all!  i hope you're having a great weekend so far.  i'm feeling tired tonight but i wanted to take a moment and share a card with you.  hello there, have a nice day!  isn't that a nice sentiment for a greeting card?

when i'm on a color hunt for a project--i.e. looking for anything and everything in my stash that is pink or green or blue, etc--i inevitably find old products that i want to use on something else ASAP.  does that ever happen to you?  it happens to me all. the. time.  that's why i always have about 18 different projects going on at once!  here's one i actually finished! 

i went all the way back to the Random line from Crate for this one, finding the black and white chevron paper and remembering how much i loved it when i first got it.  i'm also still a little obsessed with black and yellow together.  the contrast between a true black and a bright yellow is just beautiful; don't be surprised if you see it again and again in my future projects!  i had some yellow word bubble paper from Party Day sitting out on my desk, and i just started laying the card out from there.  i added a couple pieces from On Trend--the "Hello There" sticker and the pink bird card.  the bright pink gives the card some extra pops of color so i found a couple of other little pink bits and layered them on the card, too.  everything came together pretty quick, all thanks to a color hunt from a couple of months ago!

thank you so much for all the comments on the the pink and gold kit.  there's still one more day to leave a quick comment for a chance to win the kit!  just go here and tell us how you would use the pieces of the kit.  i love hearing all of your ideas!

coming next week...a bit more yellow and black, some hot pink, and silver glitter...good stuff!  enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

pink & gold goodness, part two (and a giveaway!)

hey, all!  i've got some samples for you tonight, made using my pink and gold gift wrap kit.  the kit is listed here in my Etsy shop.  it's jam-packed full of trinkets to decorate your packages, dress up gift bags, and make gift cards truly personal.  {for a closeup look at the kit in its entirety, check out pink & gold goodness, part one.}  and, please be sure to read all the way through this post for a special surprise at the end! 

here's the confetti bag paired with a pink scallop card, a bitty gold clothespin, bitty heart tag, and a paper medallion.  write a little message on the back of the card and attach it to a wedding or bridal shower gift.

i taped one of the large paper flags to a glassine bag and slipped a strung tag inside for a quick gift accessories, makeup, movie's just a cute way to say, hey, "i like you!"

i love this wood bird tag so i made it the center of attention here by layering it onto a pink dyed doily and a washi strung tag. i like to use the clothespins in place of adhesives or staples so that my recipient can take apart the pieces and reuse some of them.  

the small glassine envelopes were almost made for gift cards!  i don't know about you, but i start swooning when i see glassine!  there's something about its translucency that adds a softness and sweetness to whatever is inside.  pairing it with the little bird tag and a gold price tag would make such a cute gift card holder for a new baby girl, don't you think?

here's a birthday-themed gift using the gold-spritzed doily, gold shimmer twine, and a washi toothpick flag.  the "happy birthday" washi tape serves many purposes here--it's keeping the doily in place so i didn't have to use glue on it; it's wrapped all the way around the box to seal it closed; and it's my sentiment, too.  there are 6 feet of the washi tape and 10 feet of the twine so you can do this on larger boxes, too.  you could also swap out the small flag for the larger one! 

lastly, i slipped one of the pink doilies inside a glassine envelope to use as a backing for some pretty barrettes.  use one of the many tags included in the kit and a clothespin and your gift is a wrap!  it's so easy because everything coordinates to make it look like you spent a lot of time preparing your packages for giving.   

if that's not enough, you still have the muslin bag to use.  i'm telling you, this kit has so many possibilities and makes gift-wrapping quick and simple, yet tremendously lovely!

again, you can see full details here and even pick one up, if you'd like.  i think it would also make a fantastic gift!

there's one more very important thing...i'm giving an entire kit away to one lucky winner!!!  to enter, all you have to do is leave a comment telling me how you would use the kit.  that's it!  it's open to anyone, including readers outside the US.  the lucky winner will be chosen at random on Monday, August 19, so you have until 11:59pm (PST) on Sunday, August 18 to leave your comment.  i hope you'll all play along!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

pink & gold goodness, part one

hey there, everyone!  it's time to break out another fun gift wrap kit!  i've been working on this, literally, for months!  i started it back before Nemy was born and if you're sharp, you'll remember from my last post that she just turned 5 months old!  the kit isn't enormous or anything, but i am pretty excited about it so i really wanted to put on a good presentation for you...that's where the hold up has been!

so, finally, here it is...

it's all about pink and gold!  it's soft, it's shiny, it's's incredibly feminine and romantic.  pink and gold are beautiful together and i think this gathering of small finds highlights that well.  

this kit was the basis for these clothespins, which made their debut in the Etsy shop way, way back in February, i think!  most everything here is handmade, or has a handmade aspect to it.  pretty much any time i thought of something gold or pink, i added it to this kit (another reason for the hold up :)

there are so many little things in here that i wanted to show each piece close up so you really get an idea of what's included. the first few items speak for themselves (with the help of a little Photoshop texting!)

if you've been a regular follower of my blog, you may remember these bird tags from may also remember i said this kit was going to be available by the end of March.  oh, boy...better late than never?

specially made confetti bags!

one of my favorite pieces here...i painted this wood tag gold and then covered the front with a wide piece of washi from Cavallini.  here, i've paired it with a mini clothespin, also painted gold.

and my other favorite pieces, these paper flags.  they're decorated with gold washi and lace swatches.

3 different sizes of clothespins...

and because i love sweet packages...

i have a few samples of how i've put this kit to good use.  those photos are waiting to be edited, but fingers crossed, part two of this showcase will be up Monday or Tuesday, followed by the kit listed on Etsy.  i do hope you'll come back!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

happy 5 months, Nemy!

i'm popping in very late and very quickly on this Monday night.  my little baby turned 5 months old today; it's so hard to believe that she's growing so fast!  i forget how tiny she was when she was born--and how much hair she had!  she's pretty happy, though, because getting older means she can do this...


and Mr. Bagubian's pretty happy she's getting older, too, because soon she'll be able to play with his Hot Wheels and monster trucks.  he's such a loving big brother; it kinda makes my heart melt.  

happy 5 months, Nemy! you've made every day just a little bit brighter, Anemone Sunshine!  we love you!

and for something crafty...i'm hoping to be able to share what these photos are all about by Wednesday or Thursday...

 thanks for stopping by, friends!

Sunday, August 4, 2013


for July's Creative Weekly theme over on the Crate Paper blog, we were kind of given the freedom to choose our own theme.  "celebrations" was mentioned as a direction, and then we had to find an inspiration photo and create a project based on it.  i chose to celebrate simplicity (and kites!). 

{Frosted Petticoat Blog}
{Frosted Petticoat Blog}
i found these gorgeous photos on the Frosted Petticoat Blog.  i know that it's funny to be talking about celebrating simplicity when this beautiful wedding looks like there was probably a whole lot of planning that went into creating it, but the idea of it, to me, is laid back, fun, and simple.

i love the kites and the theme of their wedding, "come fly with me." kites will always remind me of my grandparents who vacationed in Myrtle Beach and flew their kites on the beach there every year.  my Grandma Peg, in particular, was always someone i thought of as being young at heart...she was still ice skating well into her 60's, got her first tattoo in her late 80's (a tiny heart on her wrist), and got the whole family caught up in the whole Beanie Baby craze!  she was a fun lady, to be sure! 

with my inspiration photos and Grandma Peg in mind, i decided to celebrate simplicity.  i think it's underrated, often shunned in favor of biggerbettermore.  i admittedly fall for biggerbettermore now and then--it's hard not to sometimes.  but it's also nice to sit back, relax, and enjoy the little things.  i love it when my 5 month old laughs--really laughs--and most of the time, it's Mr. Bagubian who makes her laugh.  there is nothing better than that!  it's such a simple thing, but it's one of the most amazing things that happens in my daily life.  i want to celebrate that.  

the doilies against a light blue background in the "Cotton Candy" paper from The Pier reminded me of clouds in the sky, and were the perfect backdrop for kites and hot air balloons.     

reach, fly, soar...when you're a kid, it's so easy to believe that anything is possible.  i think i will probably end up using kites, and those three words, when decorating the kids' bedroom. this project was inspiring for me on so many different levels and i want Mr. B and Nemy to be inspired and encouraged, too, as they get older.  i want to teach them that anything is possible!

i kept the cards somewhat simple, too, and not overwhelmed by details and embellishments.  like i mentioned in my last post, i love heavily detailed work, but i also think there's room for simpler projects, too.  i didn't want the message nor the focal points to be lost in the midst of a dozen layers, bits, and razzle-dazzle! 

okay, okay, the gold glitter Thickers definitely fit the razzle-dazzle bill, but i mean to draw attention to the words so it's totally alright! 

we're in the midst of a very nice, very simple weekend at our house.  we're getting a little work done, enjoying the kids, and taking it easy.  i hope you're having a nice weekend, too!  how do you celebrate "simplicity?"

p.s. i want to leave you with a little sneak peak at what's coming up next week...i've been working on it for so long and i can't to share it with you!